That's Not The Albanian National Anthem!

Episode 254 (55 mins 41 secs) Albert uses Amazon Locker for the first time. Ruthy talks about her trip to Paris, France. They have a discussion about Vegetables that might get trendy, and the ones people don’t like to eat. There’s talk about mosquitos, unsubscribing Netflix, selling media boxes to watch bootlegs, Disney World trips that are only for adults, and getting a Disney character to give you a bedtime greeting. Plus we let Moviepass Rest In Peace… or Pieces. Take a listen!

00:29 - Amazon Locker
06:21 - On This Episode…
06:57 - Ruthy in Paris
25:49 - Vegetables
34:27 - What’s Going On
45:21 - mid-credits
46:17 - RIP Moviepass
53:43 - quick update by Albert

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