I don't want pickles in my chicken sandwich

Episode 253 (56 mins 56 secs) How much do you rely on your alarm clock? What do you think about Android 10? Why does Netflix share their viewership numbers sometimes? Are you all in with the chicken sandwich “wars?” Do you still buy juice drinks from Jamba Juice? Could it be that we have been calling a PlayStation Dual Shock button wrong? Did you want to hear Albert and Jiaming’s spoilers discussion on “It Chapter Two?” All that and more, so do take a listen!

00:59 - How do you get yourself to wake up?
04:37 - on this episode…
05:15 - Albert’s reactions to Android 10
17:50 - Netflix and their viewership numbers
22:32 - What’s Going On?
32:03 - mid-credits
32:41 - non-spoilers impressions of…
34:23 - Spoilers Pleeze 222 - It Chapter Two

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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