It Chapter Two


  • Needless to say, if you liked the first movie, you’re going to want to see how this story concludes.

  • The casting of the adult versions of the “losers” is simply top notch, and matches the stellar casting of the teenage versions.

  • Great cast overall, with stand out performances by Bill Hader, James Ransome, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jaeden Martell, and also kudos to Joan Gregson for her brief role as Mrs Kersh.

  • Speaking of Bill Hader, I thought he was the real highlight of this film. His jokes mostly landed, and he happens to have the best funny scenes in the movie too.

  • James Ransome as the older version of Eddie Kaspbrak though is absolutely fantastic in how he convincingly feels like an actual adult version of Jack Dylan Grazer’s Eddie Kaspbrak.

  • He’s probably underappreciated by now, but Bill Skarsgard has some great scenes as Pennywise.

  • Visuals effects are generally nice, but it’s really the creature designs that are absolutely amazing. There are some nightmarish stuff to see here.

  • Jump scares are solid. Nothing that should traumatize you, but fun enough to watch them happen on screen.

  • There’s a great first scene that establishes the menacing uneasy tension felt throughout the movie.

  • Chinese restaurant scene. Oh boy. Good job movie!

  • This movie also adds some new themes that expands on the overall story. It’s subtle, but it’s not that deep either, but it fits with the narrative of these characters’ growth.


  • The movie simply did not need to be 2 hours 45 minutes long. It feels like it’s 2 hours 45 minutes long, and I’m pretty sure there were things that could have been excised.

  • Maybe it’s because they figured they could be a bit indulgent with the movie, because there were scenes that I would describe as “fluff” or “filler.”

  • For a movie that’s supposed to be the second chapter, it sure regurgitated familiar plot points from the first movie / chapter. Just imagine watching both movies back to back…

  • The narrative overall felt a little muddy. It didn’t feel tight enough. Some editing of the plot and of scenes in general might have helped.

  • I didn’t think the adult version of Bill was written that well, despite McAvoy being as good as he always is.

  • The ending isn’t completely satisfying, nor are some of the plot threads that are left hanging.

  • of course, there will be those who will complain about the differences between the adaptation and the book.

  • Oh, and some people are going to think it’s not scary enough (I myself didn’t think it’s that scary, but I personally don’t consider that a negative in this case).


  • It Chapter One was released on 8-9-2017. 8+9+2+1+7 = 27.

  • It Chapter One was also released 27 Years after the 1990 mini-series.

  • It Chapter Two was released on 9-6-2019. 9+6+2+1+9 = 27.

  • Warner Bros knows how to pick release dates.

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