the Angry Birds Movie 2


  • I’m impressed that this movie absolutely went for it in terms of embracing the wacky premise without apologies.

  • The absurd humor for this movie is more akin to Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies cartoons. Personally that’s what made this movie so darn entertaining.

  • Broad comedy, mixed in with winking self-aware jokes, and satirical humor. I was all for all that.

  • Some of the jokes went kinda dark too. Kudos to this movie for not being afraid to be shocking.

  • No complaints about the cast, they were all good in their roles.

  • The storyline involving Rachel Bloom’s character; “Silver,” is at the heart of this movie. While predictable, I still like what they went for.

  • The storyline involving the hatchlings is by far my favorite out of all of them though.

  • It’s just generally a fun, wacky, and crowd pleaser of an animated movie, that’s open to toss in jokes that only the parents will get.


  • The over-the-top humor is not going to be for everyone.

  • The wacky gonzo style storytelling and premise is not going to be for everyone.

  • The sheer idiotic things that happens in this movie is definitely not going to be for everyone.

  • The jokes do not always land.

  • The resolution to the storylines may not be satisfactory for some people.

  • The addition of the character “Silver” is likely going to ruffle some people’s feathers (pun intended)


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