Batman: Hush


  • At its core, the main draw of this movie is the relationship and chemistry between Batman and Catwoman.

  • The main mystery of who the villain Hush is does help drive the plot, and is part of the fun of watching this movie. However you’ll probably still be more invested in seeing how the Batman and Catwoman story plays out.

  • Action sequences are generally entertaining enough to watch, and once again I’d like to point out that seeing Batman and Catwoman in action together is an enjoyable thing to see.

  • There are several sequences that I thought were a lot of fun to see, and were not without some pleasant surprises.

  • The supporting characters of superheroes and supervillains is always a nice thing to add to the movie, especially in how the story utilizes them to the overall plot.

  • Thematically, there were some good things the movie does focus on to challenge the character of Batman.

  • Visually appealing for a comparatively low budgeted animated movie.


  • Despite some significantly important plot developments, the story can be accused of being somewhat generic for a superhero movie.

  • Some of the supporting characters are woefully underdeveloped.

  • The main mastermind villain seems so hidden in the story’s background that he comes off almost like a plot MacGuffin, instead of an actual character that we should be interested in.

  • A few familiar plot tropes, plot holes, plus some plot conveniences here and there. Nothing too distracting.

  • Huge fans of the comic book story might take issues with the changes this movie adaptation makes.


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