Quick Update

Hello. If you've somehow wondered why I haven't been providing content every day to this website like I used to, there are three reasons...

1) I've gotten lazier.
2) I've lost my appetite (again) in writing my no-spoilers movie reviews. I actually have well over a dozen movies I have yet to write reviews on as it is.
3) I'm giving myself more days off from #whowhatwhereswhy

In fact, episode 254 of the Stuff & Junk show, and the most recent comic strip, might be the only content released this week (the week of this post). I'm also only 37 percent sure that I'll be able to watch and do a review of Rambo Last Blood or Ad Astra before the end of their opening weekend, like I normally expect myself to be able to do. I'm at least pretty sure Decafzzz will do the next comic strip for Sunday's release.

With that said, I apologise. It might be that there's just a lack of incentives and motivation for me to work on this site every day like I used to. I suppose that's what happens when you do work for free. I might accept this as the new normal, but maybe not. Either way, whowhatwhereswhy is not going away. It's just not going to be as active as it used to be.

Or will it?