Year Of The Pig, Perspective, and Death Reign Superman

Episode 221 (1 hr 24 mins 24 secs) Defrosting your car windows. Checking the horoscope for the Year of the Pig. The meaning behind the Lunar New Year banquet. Is Liam Neeson a racist? Ultraviolet is shutting down. Discussing the DC comics animated movies, the Death of Superman, and Reign of the Supermen. Join Ruthy, Albert, and their movie correspondent Jiaming, for another episode where they say a bunch of stuff. Take a listen!

00:10:20 - Year of the Pig Horoscope
00:19:37 - Lunar New Year 10 Course Banquet
00:29:57 - It’s All About Perspective!
00:42:42 - What’s Going On?
00:49:24 - Mid-Credits
00:51:59 - Non-Spoilers Recommendation : Death Of Superman, Reign of the Supermen
00:55:02 - Spoilers Discussion for “the Death Of Superman”
01:10:19 - Spoilers Discussion for “Reign Of The Supermen”
01:22:49 - About those DC Animated movies

Spoilers Pleeze 204 : the Death of Superman, and Reign of the Supermen

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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