Reign Of The Supermen


  • Fans get to see this comic book story and the four specific “Superman characters” brought to animated life here.

  • There’s a lot of bits involving the Superboy character that I thought were really fun to see.

  • The scenes involving Wonder Woman were definite highlights.

  • Lex Luthor had an interesting character arc.

  • Had some generally entertaining moments.


  • It being generally entertaining doesn’t save this movie from being somewhat average to below average.

  • Remember how I said that Superboy had a lot of good stuff? Well there is one particular scene involving him that I thought didn’t make sense at all, and one other particular plot point that felt like a wasted opportunity.

  • Speaking of characters. Lois Lane was just poorly written in this.

  • I question the direction that they are taking Lex Luthor here. Especially by the end of the film.

  • Plot conveniences and some plot points that goes nowhere, ruins the movie a bit.

  • The whole thing overall just felt like a typically uninspired superhero comic book story, with not much to say, and not enough to make me care about what happened.


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