The Death Of Superman


  • I found this particular story to be better told than the original comic book version that it’s adapted from.

  • Part of this movie’s strength comes from the relationship between Lois and Clark / Superman. That’s the emotional core that drew me into this.

  • The pacing worked for me here, with its gradual build-up of the Doomsday character, and the things he did before he eventually encountered to Superman.

  • Successfully includes the rest of the Justice League heroes into what is essentially a Superman-centric story, with some choice highlights involving Wonder Woman, and Batman.

  • Lex Luthor gets to shine here, being all Lex Luthor.

  • The fight sequences were also good, and they properly conveyed a sense of danger.

  • Wasn’t scared to be all hard PG-13 here.


  • The final scene showed that this movie was too scared to end it the way it should have ended. Kinda ruined that final emotional weight that this movie earned.

  • A couple of scenes took some suspension of disbelief, with me scratching my head as to why certain things had to happen.

  • Another movie that has to have some plot conveniences to move things along.


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