The Kid Who Would Be King


  • As a family friendly fun fantasy adventure movie, this is absolutely top notch!

  • Writer / Director Joe Cornish pours out a lot of creativity into several scenes that were just wonderful to watch on screen.

  • The cast is great in this, with Louis Ashbourne Serkis (Andy Serkis’ son) doing a great job in a very charismatic leading role of Alex.

  • Extra props to Angus Imrie! This actor is such a big scene stealer, and is hypnotizing to watch his portrayal of the younger looking Merlin. Patrick Stewart is expectedly great as the older looking Merlin, but Imrie is just simply brilliant in this and one of the main reasons to see this movie.

  • I could never get tired of scenes involving the sword being stuck in stone.

  • The plot progression and pacing is excellent in this, and never once did I feel bored. If anything else, I was constantly filled with wonder and excitement, as I anticipate what’s going to happen next in the story.

  • I really appreciated the overall theme of the story. It’s very apropos to modern society, and only makes me want to encourage everybody; especially kids, to see this film.


  • Not exactly the most original idea of a movie. Derivative in ways that you expect it to be.

  • Blame it on the fact this is suppose to be family friendly, but during scenes that depict danger, you never really feel like the characters are in real danger.

  • There are moments that definitely force you to suspend your disbelief.


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