• Mads Mikkelsen is cool, badass, and not afraid to show some vulnerabilities here as well. He’s easily the best thing about this movie.

  • The rest of the cast has some good moments to showcase their talents, with specific highlights coming from Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, and a Matt Lucas who looked like he was having way too much fun hamming it up on screen. Even Richard Dreyfus has a nice role in this as well.

  • It’s hyper-violent and has decently good action set pieces. There’s definitely a specific target audience that can appreciate that.

  • I really liked the final scene of this movie. It made me like the movie more than I would have without that scene.

  • This movie is almost like a throwback to the simple action thriller flicks of the past.


  • Unfortunately this movie retains most of the bad elements from those past action thriller flicks.

  • Comes off more like a 13 year old boy’s juvenile fantasy from what he believes he wants from an action movie. Lots of bloody violence, plus lots of nudity and sex. Tired tropes that do not necessarily make a movie better.

  • The commonly used adage of “all style, no substance” would describe this film pretty well.

  • Let’s just say that this doesn’t exactly have the best use of women characters here.

  • I’m generally disappointed by the fact that this should have been better.

  • I also found myself frustrated and annoyed by certain scenes that came off as obnoxious, unnecessary, and embarrassing.


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