Serenity (2019)


  • It has Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey is being all full blown McConaughey here, and that’s the kind of McConaughey you want to see. You even get to see him butt naked! Unless you consider that a negative.

  • The rest of the cast are good in this as well, but it was trashy fun seeing Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke chew the scenery with their characters.

  • The first scene involves some intense fishing. Intense fishing, I tell you!

  • Speaking of scenery. This movie does have some beautiful looking shots.

  • At one point in the story, McConaughey’s character has a plot revelation that really changes things up, and makes the movie far more interesting than it deserves to be.

  • Kudos to the marketing department for trying their hardest to not spoil certain important aspects about the movie, because I really appreciated the ambitious surprise.


  • There will definitely be people who wished the trailer spoiled the movie, because this “ambitious surprise” may completely kill the story for them.

  • I understand if somebody says that the movie’s plot is contrived, ridiculous, or just plain bonkers.

  • Your suspension of disbelief will absolutely get challenged here, and that will determine whether this movie is for you or not.

  • The Jeremy Strong character was annoying to me 75% of his screen time.

  • Some people will not like how the characters are written in this movie, and the dialogue that are given to them.


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