New Laws, New Movies, Bird Box, and Bandersnatch

Episode 217 (1 hr 00 mins 48 secs) We’re still acclimating to the new Year, so we talk about the new laws of 2019, what movies people want to see, escape rooms, donuts, plus we proudly announce the newly appointed official movie correspondent of the Stuff & Junk show, and that’s Jiaming! Along with Ruthy, and Albert, they kick off the new “Spoilers Pleeze” segment of this show, having a spoilers discussion on the Netflix movies “Bird Box” and “Bandersnatch.” Take a listen!

02:55 - laws that took effect in 2019
11:27 - anticipated movies of 2019
21:12 - what’s going on?
28:46 - mid-credits
30:49 - non-spoilers impressions on “Bird Box” and “Bandersnatch”
33:22 - Spoilers discussion of “Bird Box”
46:40 - Spoilers discussion of “Bandersnatch”

Spoilers Pleeze 201 on “Bird Box” on Netflix and “Bandersnatch” on Netflix

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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