Episode 200 (1 hr 23 mins 25 secs) On the very last episode of “Spoilers Pleeze,” as promised 100 episodes ago, our podcast crew are going to come up with a new All-Time Top 10 Movies list of films Spoilers Pleeze has covered during its full run, since it started back in April 19, 2015. Between Edward, Josephine, Jiaming, and Albert, there’s a lot of disagreements on what movies deserves to be on the list. Things get heated and contentious! Things were said! Josephine once again fights for Lego Batman, and Albert forgets how long the podcast has being running and what movies they could or couldn’t review. Listen to what ends up to be a train wreck of an episode, as it’s only fitting for the final episode of Spoilers Pleeze.

Thank You to the approximately 1,200+ subscribers of the podcast. Thank You to everybody who have hosted or guested on the show! Co-hosts Albert and Jiaming. Josephine, Edward. Kathryn. Ruthy from the Stuff & Junk show. Tyler and Jeff from the Grand Geek Gathering. Louis from the weekly whowhatwhereswhy comic strip. Tim, who was one of the first co-host for the Facebook Live video. Plus Rachel, who was on the very first episode. Thank you for humoring Albert into supporting him with creating yet another movie/tv show podcast among the thousands of movie/tv show podcasts out there! We hope you join him at the Stuff & Junk show podcast, where Spoilers Pleeze will live on!

00:04:19 - nomination for All-Time Top 10 starts here
01:04:25 - Thank Yous and technical difficulties -
01:08:20 - Credits -
01:11:04 - After Credits - What were the worst movies Spoilers Pleeze reviewed?
01:18:34 - After Credits - discussions involving random TV shows, since Spoilers Pleeze also covers those

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