Customer Service, Coworkers, and Bodyguard

Episode 218 (1 hr 13 mins 35 secs) It’s the 500th podcast episode released on “whowhatwhereswhy” and it’s a milestone that’s absolutely worth mentioning. Thank you for your support, along the way of us getting to this point. Thank You! Now, for this episode, we’ve got some things to say. Albert talks about a bad customer service experience he had with a Chevron employee. Then he and Ruthy dish out some opinions about particular coworkers that they have or had. Afterward, they go over some news topics involving social media, dying wishes, Netflix, other streaming content news, and more. At the top of the episode, Jiaming joins Albert in a spoilers discussion of “Bodyguard,” the BBC show on Netflix. It’s another full episode here. Take a listen!

03:38 - Bad Customer Service
18:19 - About certain coworkers
30:43 - What’s Going On?
45:49 - mid-credits
47:43 - non-spoilers impressions on Netflix / BBC “Bodyguard”
50:15 - Spoilers discussion of Bodyguard

Spoilers Pleeze 202 - “Bodyguard” on Netflix

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Music provided by The Y Axes 

This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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