Alright, I think it's time I give you all an update on what's going on with Who What Where's Why. I was going to call this a "Spring Update" but I think we're so close to Summer, that I decided not to name this post that. 

First off, I followed through with what I wrote on the last update regarding the changes made to the "isawthatmovie blog." I've freely used the "LIKED IT" grade; as I said I would. I also have been watching less movies in theaters than I used to, which I implied might happen. While time management is a reason for that, it also has a lot to do with the lack of films that I genuinely want to see it. Let's see if the Summer Movie releases changes the frequency of my going to the movies. I have been watching more straight-to-streaming movies though, so that's a plus. 

"Spoilers Pleeze" is chugging along as well as it does. It's averaging around 1000 daily subscribers at the moment, which makes it our most listened to podcast at this point. Besides my running joke of introducing the wrong movie at the beginning of the episode, there really isn't any changes to the show. If it ain't broke... 

As what could be broken is the Patreon account we have. We simply don't have any patreons on that. Due to that fact, I really shouldn't have a reason to keep that account going. Yes it holds the "Extra Stuff Extra Spoils" podcast; which is a nice supplement to our other podcasts, but it seems that everybody is satisfied with just listening to the preview version of the show. The WonderCon episodes definitely had a lot of listens, which is very much appreciated. One of my main highlights from that event was the interview I had with cosplayer Joanie Brosas, which can be found on part 1 of the WonderCon episodes. If I do drop the Patreon account, Extra Stuff Extra Spoils may or may not end as well. 

We're almost coming up to the one year anniversary to when me and Louis started "whowhatwhereswhy - The Comic." Just for you all actually reading this blog post, how about a scoop? Our weekly comic strip might be made into a book to be sold on amazon. I'm hoping we go through we it, but we'll see... 

Now the biggest change to the network is undoubtedly "The Stuff & Junk Show." After years of my Spoilers Pleeze co-host Jiaming acting as the primary backup co-host to the show, I finally went and got a permanent regular person to fill that role. My cousin Ruthy is officially the co-host for The Stuff & Junk Show. She does live in New York so hopefully you all don't mind the fact that we are recording the show via VOIP. I understand that the quality isn't the best because of that, but we're trying our best there. How are you liking my cousin being a regular part of the show though? Our chemistry on air is still a work in progress, and you can just tell the difference when I'm on with Jiaming instead. However, I like the opportunity the show now has for having both the male and female point of views, as well as the west coast and east coast perspective as well. 

Besides the new regular co-host, the format for the Stuff & Junk show has changed into the style that I played around with on Episode 169. The show is divided into four (five) primary segments now, as opposed to how it was before when we only focused on one topic for the whole episode. It now also has audio drops and character voices also make appearances. I understand that there are those of you that prefer the old format, and would probably want me to go back to that. I won't be doing that though, because believe me when I say that this new format is actually less stressful to produce than the old one. Selfishly, that makes the biggest difference to me, and I hope you understand.  

I mentioned this on the podcast before already, but my original plan for Who What Where's Why is to do it for at least 5 years at a minimum, or 10 years at the maximum. I'm less than two years away from that 5 year mark, and I'm honestly willing to go past 10 years if i'm still up to it. Out of the 2000 something total subscribers the website apparently have, I know there's really only about two dozen of you that I would genuinely consider regular listeners / readers. If you're reading this, I would like to have your input as to the state of the website at this point, because I have a feeling that there isn't going to be much changes in the future (short of some potentially new logos). This is how it's going to be for a long while, so I hope you all are still joining me on this journey.