I want more mini-vacations

Most recently, I gave myself a "mini-vacation" from anything whowhatwhereswhy related for the July 4th Holiday week. It was about 72 hours of "me time" that started on the night of July 2, and ended on the night of July 5. I even took days off from my day job, which meant that it was a legitimate time off away from any kind of work for me. It was amazing! This is something I've never done before since the genesis of this website, and now I kind of want to do this more often now. I may not even wait until Holiday weeks. Easier said than done perhaps? 

For context at how much I'm close to burning out with all of this... My day job alone eats up 40 hours a week. If you count travel time, then it's really about 50 hours a week. All the work I do for whowhatwhereswhy, from writing my movie reviews, recording podcasts, editing / uploading podcasts, writing / drawing the comic strips, to all the misc things I need to do for the website, adds up to approximately and additional 24 hours a week. I'm not even bothering to count the hours I have to spend going to and watching the movies for those reviews. Plus all those TV shows as well. 

There's 168 hours a week, and 74 hours of that is dedicated to my working life already. I average 4-6 hours of sleep a day; let's say 5 hours, so that's about 35 hours a week. That leaves me with 59 hours a week, with a good chunk of that going to Saturdays and Sundays with my wife. Needless to say, be it my day job or the website, I'm always doing something every day. Which leads me once again to the title of this blog post. I want more mini-vacations. 

I'm seriously trying to figure out a way to give myself "a weekly weekend" away from whowhatwhereswhy. If you've been following the updates, I make it a point for the most part to give you all at least one new thing every day. 2-3 new podcasts a week. 2-4 movie reviews a week. 1 comic strip a week. The occasional blog posts. I want that to change, even if that means less content for the website. 

If you've been following my Instagram, then you've also seen that I had intentions of pursuing putting content out for IGTV. Obviously, it's looking like I'm changing my mind there. I want to still do IGTV content, but the idea that it would be weekly uploads is starting to look unreasonable to me. I really want to do those short videos, but it is extra work for me. So right now, IGTV is still going to happen, when I feel like it's going to happen. Just ignore what I said about it being a weekly thing, but know that I'm not going to completely abandon it. 

I really want more mini-vacations. 

Despite what I said in the last blog post, about how there isn't going to be any further changes to the website, well it looks like I'm taking that statement back. With IGTV, I will be at least start doing some video content for this 4th year of the network, except it's not going to be on YouTube like I originally intended years ago. That new addition is definitely a change. Now the biggest change perhaps is that I've re-branded the name of the company. Instead of "Who What Where's Why" it's now simply going to be "whowhatwhereswhy." I realize that there are still going to be accounts and what not with the original name, but I'll change those to the re-branded name when I'm able to. 

There you go. The summer update for whowhatwhereswhy. Here's to a happy and enjoyable Summer Season! 

P.S. the whole website is averaging 2500 daily subscribers now, since the last time I mentioned subscribers back in May. Thank you! Spread the word! Let's try and keep those numbers going up.