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Episode 169  (53 mins 38 secs)  On this episode One Sixty-Nine (hehe 69), Albert wants to pay tribute to one of his favorite radio shows of all time; The Kevin & Bean Show, by doing a version of what their show sounds like if he did it with his co-host Jiaming. What they give us here is a smorgasbord of conversations and nonsense. Enjoy? 

01:13 - the J & A show intro / Superbowl 52  
09:34 - somebody stole from Albert at work  
16:07 - how Marvel characters will die in Infinity War  
28:03 - Moviepass  
36:40 - What's Going On? 
45:54 - closing / Nothing With You / After Credits

- The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ  

Jiaming Liou  
Spoilers Pleeze podcast 

Albert Patrick  
"I Saw That Movie" blog  
Spoilers Pleeze podcast  

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Music provided by The Y Axes 

This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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