Shorts, Safe, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Episode 247 (1 hr 16 mins 10 secs) We’re back from the San Diego Comic-Con “break.” Albert asks Ruthy and Jiaming what’s been going on with them? Or at least one of them. What’s up with Albert and men’s shorts? What’s up with people asking people if they’re safe? What’s Going On? Then the podcast crew talk about the 9th Quentin Tarantino movie, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” Take a listen! Just ignore the background noise made by the gardening service…

00:48 - What has Ruthy and Jiaming done lately?
07:24 - Men’s shorts
15:27 - Shoutout if you’re safe
22:16 - What’s Going On?
38:10 - mid-credits
40:02 - non-spoilers impressions of…
41:53 - Spoilers Pleeze 219 : Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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