San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Episode 246 (1 hr 42 mins 59 secs) It’s the 50th Year of the San Diego Comic-Con! Albert does his annual interview with David Glanzer; the Chief Communications and Strategies Officer of Comic-con International. There’s some Comic-Con relevant news topics to go over. Plus Albert brings in Derek from the Geekdom Fancast, as they share their experience and opinions about the very lively 4 nights and 4 days event / festival / convention.

00:01:24 - Interview with CCSO David Glanzer
00:38:09 - Here’s Derek from the Geekdom Fancast
00:39:58 - What’s Going On?
00:48:11 - mid-credits
00:53:25 - Preview Night - Wednesday
01:01:23 - Day 1 - Thursday
01:19:19 - Day 2 - Friday
01:27:09 - Day 3 - Saturday
01:37:28 - Day 4 - Sunday
01:41:18 - Final Thoughts

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