the 1990s, Brie Larson, and Captain Marvel

Episode 226 (1 hr 50 mins 47 secs) First of, Albert and Jiaming greets Happy 30th Birthday to the World Wide Web! They talk nostalgia about some stuff from the 1990s. From that they have a conversation about all the controversies and hate surrounding Brie Larson and her debut MCU movie. Somehow they find themselves arguing about what’s going to happen during the after credits for Avengers End Game, and share their thoughts on the CW’s Arrow announcing its end. Then they do their feature spoilers filled discussion about the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Captain Marvel, which results in so far the longest podcast episode that’s ever been released on the whowhatwhereswhy network.

04:10 - the 1990s
13:54 - hate on Brie Larson / Captain Marvel
31:50 - What’s Going On?
43:13 - Mid-Credits
44:05 - non-spoilers opinion on Captain Marvel
46:02 - Spoilers Pleeze 208 : Captain Marvel

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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