Captain Marvel


  • Brie Larson gives Captain Marvel a good bit of cheekiness, playful irreverence, and cockiness. I liked her character. Definitely made me want to see more of where she goes beyond this movie.

  • Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury is as good as you expect him to be in the role. Loved the sense of humor that he contributes here.

  • For a good chunk of the movie, it essentially became an enjoyable buddy style picture, but with a woman from space, and a covert secret government agent. The chemistry between Larson and Jackson here is easily one of the main highlights of seeing this film.

  • Ben Mendelsohn as the main Skrull character is simply excellent in the role!

  • Goose the cat! Best new character for the MCU ;-)

  • That Stan Lee cameo. Shout out to Kevin Smith!

  • There were several entertaining action sequences throughout the movie. From a sparring match, an escape fight sequence, to an altercation on a train, and several more. Fun stuff.

  • Some of the more quieter dialogue scenes were good as well, between Brie and Sam, Brie and Ben, Brie and Lashana, Brie and Akira, Brie and Jude, plus Brie and Annette.

  • The de-aging technology for Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg is just mind blowing. Wow, was it impressively and effortlessly executed on screen.

  • All the 90s references may be accused of just pandering to the audience, but I thought they were delightfully fun and entertaining in the movie.

  • Genuinely liked the general thematic message of this film. Very fitting for Captain Marvel’s character arc in this particular story.

  • It feels like it’s straight from the “we’re still learning how to do these kinds of movies” Phase 1 MCU film days, which gave me a bit of a comforting feeling and acceptance to how unambitious the general plot really is.


  • It feels too much like a Phase 1 MCU movie. Fun and entertaining, but not completely meeting it’s true more ambitious potential. Some will say it’s underwhelming because of this fact.

  • The movie feels a little too straight forward in it’s directing, and may seem a little too generic for it to stand out among the other more “epic” MCU films.

  • This is just barely scratching the surface of giving Captain Marvel a fully formed character.

  • Some will complain that there isn’t enough screen time for several of the supporting characters.

  • Certain themes in the movie were a little too on-the-nose with it’s messaging.

  • There are some plot conveniences here and there that you’re just going to have to suspend your disbelief with.


  • The “custom” Marvel Studios opening logo shown in front of this movie was just perfectly done.

  • I would argue that this movie exaggerates a little too much about how slow a computer from the 1990s is. It was a funny moment though.

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