Apollo 11


  • Most people today likely doesn’t know what it must have felt like, during that time the Apollo 11 went to the Moon and back. THIS documentary film is the closest thing you’ve got to experience it.

  • It’s simply incredible how clean the 50 Year old footage looks here. The stark clarity makes the whole experience even more immersive, and truly made me feel like I was there in 1969.

  • Seeing this movie in IMAX only made it even more captivating to watch.

  • Despite already knowing the outcome, this movie still successfully conveys that sense of wonder, excitement, and triumph. It practically dares you to not be inspired by this film.

  • For you space race nerds, there’s a ton of unseen footage here that you will really appreciate getting a chance to see for the first time.

  • Footage after footage after footage, this film relies on letting all the footage shown in sequential order tell us the story. There is almost no traditional narrative device here, besides letting the visuals speak for themselves. This really wants to make the whole thing immersive don’t they?


  • Some people might prefer a more traditionally told documentary.

  • The narrative doesn’t exactly dig real deep into the informative details of the space program, or the astronauts themselves.


  • Probably one of the best companion pieces to the movie “First Man.”

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