• Easiest description would be that this is the Vietnamese Female version of “Taken” and “John Wick.” That’s obviously a big compliment for fans of action movies.

  • Veronica Ngo is amazing as Hai Phuong. The Mother you don’t want to cross because she can and will kick your ass.

  • Cat Vy also deserves credit for playing Hai Phuong’s daughter; Mai. Gotta love her spunkiness.

  • Besides the ass-kicking, Veronica Ngo actually gets to showcase a whole range of emotions in her acting. Incredible performance here.

  • From chase scenes, hunting scenes, to those hand-to-hand martial arts scenes, this movie is an exciting action thriller, that is oh so enjoyable to watch.

  • The plot is admittedly not that unique or deep, but it serves its purpose to string along the fight sequences.

  • Besides the simplicity of the story, it has a really strong thematic message that I really appreciated.


  • There are some scenes that I felt were kinda manipulative.

  • There are definite moments of plot conveniences and situations that require a heavy dose of suspension of disbelief.

  • There are also some scenes that I thought embarrassingly panders to the audience.

  • There’s a certain character in this movie that I thought embodied a predictably familiar plot device that this movie could have lived without.


  • Even after all these decades watching action flicks, this might actually be the very first Vietnamese martial arts movie that I’ve ever seen.

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