Please Don’t Scratch Your Balls And Sniff Right Now

Episode 257 (1 hr 07 mins 07 secs) How is Regal Unlimited doing so far as a movie theatre subscription service? Are there really no stupid questions? What kinds of Halloween costumes should you consider wearing this year? Cleveland Cavaliers. Delta Flight woman. Martin Scorsese and the MCU. What did Jiaming, Ruthy, and Albert, think about the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie? Take a listen!

00:01:24 - Regal Unlimited
00:07:19 - On This Episode…
00:07:46 - No Stupid Questions
00:14:30 - Halloween Costumes
00:19:48 - What’s Going On?
00:30:47 - Mid-Credits
00:32:05 - No Spoilers Impressions Of…
00:33:58 - Spoilers Pleeze 223 - Joker

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This episode was produced by Albert VergeldeDios and Jessica Lin 

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