• Simply put, watch this movie for the phenomenal performance by Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. Such raw emotions and madness displayed on screen.

  • “Man vs the world, and goes on a downward spiral of violence” premise for this film is a solid piece of psychological drama, and character study. Think Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” meets Schumacher’s “Falling Down.”

  • I respect how dark, provocative, and violent, this story was willing to go. No cartoon deaths here.

  • Some scenes are quite memorable and provocative.

  • What this story does with the Joker’s laugh is an interesting take for sure.

  • By the end of the movie, I felt horrified by how the final act played out, and I’m sure that’s the intended reaction. Bravo.

  • The other main reason to see this would be the “more realistic” depiction of what the origin story of the comic book character Joker could be.

  • Speaking of comic books… there’s surprisingly a good amount of Batman mythology related references and easter eggs in this movie.

  • Oh, and despite how deathly serious this story is, there are actually a handful of comedic moments that managed to thankfully lighten the mood a little bit, if only so briefly.


  • People going in thinking they are getting a fun entertaining comic book movie will be very disappointed.

  • The comic book mythology parts of the movie were pretty distracting.

  • As provocative as the overall theme of the story is, it’s not exactly a deeply unfamiliar subject matter. Especially if you’ve seen enough of these kinds of stories.

  • There’s one particular quick exposition montage scene that seemed like the movie didn’t respect the audience enough to understand the reveal without explicitly showing it. I just had to roll my eyes when that happened.

  • Some logical flaws in certain scenes took me out of the movie.

  • Misguided sociopathic people might use this movie as an excuse to cause violence.


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