San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Episode 193  (56 mins 51 secs)  Another San Diego Comic-Con International is in the books, and Albert continued his coverage of the event. For this episode, he once again interviewed David Glanzer about all things Comic-Con, and he also brought in Derek of the Geekdom Fancast to share their thoughts on this big event in 2018. 
For the Comic-Con interviews and Albert's Question of the Week, you can find all that on the Extra Stuff Extra Spoils episode. He managed to get interviews with Ralph Garman, Kevin Ryder, and more! So do listen to that too. 

01:40 - Interview with David Glanzer; CCSO of Comic-Con
17:58 - overall Comic-Con reactions with Derek
45:22 - What's Going On (Comic-Con edition) 
52:17 - Credits
53:37 - After Credits - script, Infinity Wars "Action Figures" 

- Extra Stuff Extra Spoils - episode 46 "SDCC2018" 
- the Geekdom Fancast  
- Albert's Instagram of the event... 
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- cocomixmix - Going To Comic-Con?  
- cocomixmix - Comic-Con Newbie  

Marvel Offers Grief Counseling at Comic-Con for Fans Traumatized by the End of Infinity War  
Mark Hamill in Disguise as First Order Stormtrooper at Comic-Con  
AJ McLean crashes Comic-Con party  
- This Lightsaber could be worth $240,000 
Marvel Executive Jeph Loeb Is Under Fire for Wearing a Karate Uniform to Promote Iron Fist  
Tokyo’s Comiket, not Comic-Con, is the biggest fan convention in the world  

David Glanzer 
Chief Communication and Strategy Officer
Comic-Con International 

the Geekdom Fancast  


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