Episode 46  (43 mins 50 secs)  Albert was lucky enough to have been able to go to the San Diego Comic-Con for his 25th year of attending it. Along with the photos he's been sharing of the event in his Instagram feed, he has also been recording audio interviews about Comic-Con. He also asked his question for the event, which is... "if you had the Infinity Gauntlet, what is the first thing you would do with it?" 
Don't forget to check out Albert's Instagram for his Comic-Con photos and videos 

00:50 - Albert walking the Comic-Con show floor  
02:14 - Donny Tran -  
03:28 - Kathryn, Jeff, & Zac -  
05:15 - Rommel Andaya - 
07:33 - Day 1 starts with The Predator panel in Hall-H
08:41 - reaction from the Doctor Who panel
10:54 - Zenescope Entertainment 
12:24 - Barbra from 
13:25 - Comic-Con Museum 
14:36 - Evan talks about The Good Place -  
18:22 - Albert walked the whole show floor
19:03 - Kira and Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal - 
20:10 - Jack Ryan activation, Assassination Nation panel
22:43 - the Grandmaster and Stephanie
24:42 - AR lightsaber, Overwatch clip, The Experience, Giant Laptop, plus panels for Glass, Halloween, and Bumblebee. 
30:42 - Ralph Garman of The Ralph Report and Hollywood Babble-On 
34:41 - Silver Surfer -  
36:40 - Kevin Ryder of KROQ's the Kevin & Bean show  
38:07 - Albert recaps Day 3, Legion M, Michael Rooker, Women Who Kicks Ass, Deadly Class, Kevin Smith, and Unnecessary Debates. 
42:22 - credits - go listen to The Stuff & Junk Show for more content from Comic-con 2018  

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