Ad Astra


  • As far as sci-fi movies goes, this one paints a fascinating near future scenario that’s absolutely worth exploring.

  • The world building is awesome in this, and seems so believable. Capitalism on the moon? Of course!

  • Brad Pitt is excellent in this, and is a protagonist you can easily root for; especially given the premise he is put in.

  • The rest of the cast are solid too, but Brad Pitt kinda (positively) overshadows this movie.

  • I like the voice-over monologues here, which adds to the atmosphere and tone of the film.

  • The movie does feel like a literal visual novel come to life, especially because of the voice-over monologues.

  • Speaking of visuals. Amazing cinematography! The way this movie looks overall is just eye candy for me.

  • While the premise and plot is relatively straight forward, there is also a subtle thematic story that is carefully laid out for us to experience.

  • The journey from when the movie starts, to where it ends, is kinda epic. Some spectacular scenes and story set-pieces to catch in this.


  • If the direction of this movie is not your cup of tea, then you might find it boring to watch.

  • Technically, things constantly happen in this movie to keep things moving, but it’s hard to argue the fact that the pacing is still pretty slow.

  • Tonally, it can also feel a little too dour.

  • There are also some plot conveniences that pushes the limits of your suspension of disbelief.

  • Sci-fi aficionados might find some fault with the movie’s science.


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