Rambo : Last Blood


  • If you like revenge stories and protagonists who dishes out revenge, then this should get your blood boiling.

  • I suppose seeing scenes of Rambo killing bad guys is entertaining in it’s own way.

  • There’s that one scene where Rambo kills a guy “Mortal Kombat style.”

  • It’s arguably the most hardcore violent Rambo movie I think I’ve ever seen. Might be too much for some to take, but I think it actually fits well with the story.


  • This is as generic of a revenge action thriller as they come.

  • Has a very superficial thematic story to tell.

  • Antagonists are just one-dimensional bad guys.

  • Could have probably just gone straight to home release.

  • Much too mean spirited for my taste. Especially considering what happens to a specific character in the movie.

  • Tonally, it covers a seriously heavy and dark subject matter, that it’s hard to call this a “fun” action flick.

  • Even at 89 minutes, the movie feels longer than I want it to be.

  • You want a solid movie about Americans kicking Mexican Bad Guys, that doesn’t come off as just an excuse to be exploitative like Rambo Last Blood? Go see “Sicario” instead.


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