• Despite the familiar premise and characters, I found the movie charming as heck.

  • The Yeti; “Everest,” also has a very cute character design and mannerisms that I found quite enjoyable.

  • Chloe Bennet as Yi, is also a character that you can easily root for. Who doesn’t love a tenacious and adventurous girl, who has a smart mouth, and is excellent on the violin?

  • I very much appreciated the general story of the main character who wants to travel through China. Although it kinda comes off like this was funded by the Chinese Tourism board.

  • Visually very pleasing, with vibrant colors, and excellent set locations.

  • Movie moved at a good pace, and had several good scenes. This adventure always kept my attention.

  • The comedy bits are amusing enough, and aren’t always targeted towards a younger audience. I did enjoy the running gags quite a bit though.

  • The emotional parts are also pretty effective, and elevates my attachment to the film.

  • I loved the themes that are showcased in the story, and makes me appreciate this movie even more.

  • Stay throughout the whole end credits. There were some nice touches shown there that adds to the story.


  • Like I implied, the plot for this movie is still generally formulaic, and can be very predictable. Expect some familiar plot tropes to show up.

  • There are some logical inconsistencies found here and there. Whether it’s some visual references or some plot details.

  • I also found some of the plot turns in this film to be a little manipulative.

  • Several of the humor are clearly geared for a more younger crowd that would laugh at a joke about giant blueberries in places where they shouldn’t be. *groan*

  • Apparently this movie is also not above using some very dated pop culture jokes.


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