Always Be My Maybe


  • Ali Wong does a great job playing the romantic lead here, with a dash of comedy on the side. She can do the drama and the funny with ease.

  • Randall Park does a great job throwing in the jokes here and there, and plays a sympathetic guy who you would want to see get a happy ending.

  • The chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park worked for me here, and it was easy to get invested with their “will they or won’t they” premise.

  • There are multiple dramatic and comedic scenes that reflect on the Asian-American life that I truly appreciated seeing addressed on screen.

  • It seemed to me that I really enjoyed all the scenes in this movie that involved a restaurant.

  • Speaking of one of those restaurant scenes that involves a surprise celebrity guest role (Netflix trailer spoils who that is)… I thought some of the greatest scenes in this movie involved that actor.

  • I loved the final act, and how they concluded the story. Hits all the right places.

  • There are some interesting social commentaries and themes worth discussing, but even with all that I’m just satisfied that this movie seems to be all heart.

  • Despite being released in 2019, this felt like a rom-com that you would find in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. I say that with positivity.


  • It kinda looked like an outdated rom-com from the 1990’s or early 2000’s, which some people will take that negatively.

  • Those looking for a laugh-a-minute type of comedy will probably be disappointed with this.

  • Arguably has a slow pace for a comedy and meanders at times.

  • There are some story conveniences and derivative plot turns that you’ll just have to excuse.


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