Godzilla King Of The Monsters


  • People asked for it, so there are definitely much more screen time given to the giant monsters in this movie.

  • Did you want to see more giant monster vs giant monster battles? You got that here, and wow are those fights great to see on screen.

  • Visuals. Spectacular visuals. Jaw-droppingly spectacular visuals. This movie absolutely delivers on the spectacle, and makes it really hard to look away from the screen.

  • The sheer sense of size and scope of these giant monsters and all the destruction that are caused because of them, are simply incredible to look at.

  • Story has some solid ideas that I would like to see this franchise of movies explore more of.

  • Vera Farmiga’s character is fascinating, and Millie Bobby Brown also showed off some stellar acting work.


  • The story itself feels a little half-baked, and simplistic, and should have been much more interesting than what was given to us.

  • Heavy on the plot, light on the story telling.

  • There’s a lot of pandering to the audience here, which can only win so much favor before it all starts to feel a little unearned.

  • Lots of potentially interesting characters here, but unfortunately they aren’t fully fleshed out enough for me to care about what happens to them. The majority of them are just there as plot devices, or characters that need to constantly tell jokes; here’s looking at you Bradley Whitford.

  • Kyle Chandler’s character of Mark Russell is written to be such an important part of the movie, but I was just rolling my eyes every time he was on screen. All the things this movie does with his character were just cringe-worthy to me.

  • Once again I’m stuck with the comment of saying that this would have been a wonderful giant monster movie, if it wasn’t for all the human characters getting in the way.


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