The Secret Life Of Pets 2


  • If you loved the first installment, then there should be a lot of similar things to like with this sequel.

  • If you liked that the first movie kinda goes outrageously beyond its initial premise, then expect even more crazier directions in the story.

  • As expected the voice cast are good in their roles.

  • Harrison Ford is also a welcome addition to the cast here.

  • I liked the thematic lessons found in this movie.

  • Fluffy pets and animals are cute and adorable and you can’t take your eyes off them.


  • It might just be me, but this felt like it could have just been 3 or 4 tv episodes, stitched together into a single movie.

  • There’s a simplicity to the story that they just didn’t really interest me that much.

  • Not that it bored me, but it all just felt so appealing in the very basic level of entertainment.

  • This movie really pushed my buttons on continually breaking my suspension of disbelief.

  • It’s got some ridiculous plot turns and unbelievable logic, that I had to put up with too.


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