Dark Phoenix


  • Between the two live-action Dark Phoenix movies, this one is better.

  • Gotta appreciate the earnestness of this story, as it’s somber and dramatic, which is fitting for the premise.

  • With the seriousness of it all, this movie attempts to introduce some interesting and compelling ideas regarding certain characters, that are heavier themes than what you would normally expect from this.

  • The cast is good in their roles as you expected them to be, and Sophie Turner held her own playing the part of somebody who is struggling with who she has become.

  • There are some solid set pieces to watch here. From the rescue sequence, the retrieval sequence, the murder attempt sequence, to the escape sequence. (hopefully those descriptions are spoiler-free enough).

  • It feels like an adequate conclusion to this iteration of an X-Men franchise.


  • If you were expecting an epic and super-exciting conclusion to this iteration of an X-Men franchise, you will probably be disappointed.

  • It’s a very low-key and unspectacular superhero film that I’m assuming many moviegoers will find themselves bored, or simply indifferent to what’s happening on screen.

  • I found myself having issues with certain directions that certain characters took, that felt absolutely unnecessary and exploitative.

  • Once again, here’s another X-Men movie that under-utilizes the Ororo “Storm” Monroe character.

  • Certain plot turns or reveals felt completely unearned, and rung of being flawed logically.

  • There are story world-building parts that I thought seemed like they were just pandering to fans, or on the flip-side they felt like convenient shortcuts to move the plot along.


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