Murder Mystery


  • If you like a more fun lighthearted version of an Agatha Christie type of murder mystery, then this just might be for you.

  • A key ingredient in a solid whodunnit story that I look for, is that it allows me to play along with the mystery. This movie does that! It’s always fun guessing along with the characters.

  • Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are good in this! They have good chemistry playing a couple, and I just love the bantering that they do throughout the movie.

  • The supporting cast are good in this too, and add to the entertainment factor.

  • There are some thrilling set pieces, and fun sight gags, to go along with the situational comedy parts of the movie.

  • I also appreciated how this movie and the lead characters have a certain self-awareness to how they are living through a real life murder mystery. Good stuff.


  • Despite the positives, this is still a straight-forward mystery comedy that doesn’t really add too much new to the genre.

  • Some people may not find the mystery that interesting, or may not find the humor that funny, or both. To each his own.

  • It’s not exactly unique, and can feel a little derivative at times.

  • The supporting cast are essentially just caricatures or one-dimensional enough to serve their purpose for the plot.

  • Multiple times you’re going to have to suspend your disbelief for some of the more unbelievable moments that happens throughout the movie.


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