• Needless to say, if you are a fan of The Beatles, then this is a movie you’ll want to check out.

  • While it’s not a full on movie musical, several songs are performed on screen, by actor Himesh Patel himself.

  • The premise of the movie is in itself a lot of fun, and you’ll want to see how it all plays out.

  • There’s also a running joke related to the premise; that also involves google, that I found to be quite entertaining.

  • Besides being able to pull off those Beatles songs for the movie, watching Himesh Patel’s character Jack Malik navigate through this whole experience is a lot of fun. There’s also that little bit of thrill, since you know what he’s trying to pull off here.

  • Lily James is simply a delight in this movie. ‘nuff said.

  • The supporting cast from Joel Fry, Kate Mckinnon, and even Ed Sheeran, were all good in this movie as well.

  • There’s a particular surprise that’s revealed before the final act of the movie that caught me off guard in a very pleasant way.

  • Despite the lighthearted and “what if” nature of this movie, there’s surprisingly a lot of thought provoking thematic messaging found in it. Things I’d like to discuss, but…. spoilers.


  • I’m a little divided with how they go about the conclusion to this story. It almost broke my overall enjoyment of the movie.

  • Have a strong suspension of disbelief when seeing this, that’s for sure.

  • Despite some fresh ideas found in this film, it still has a relatively predictable plot progression.

  • There are certain plot turns that should make the story even more complicated than it has to be, yet the movie seemed annoyingly afraid to actually tackle such things.

  • The movie can also feel a bit patronizing at times too.

  • There’s one particular scene that involves Ed Sheeran that kinda bugged me more than it should.


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