Annabelle Comes Home


  • That Annabelle doll is still hella creepy to look at, much to the movie’s benefit.

  • The main three leading leads are spectacular in this. McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, and Katie Sarife. Their characters weren’t immune to making ill advised decisions, but the actresses brings a believability to their roles.

  • The tone and pacing of this movie worked. Does entertaining suspenseful moments and disconcerting visuals well.

  • It actually has some funny bits, and I was definitely entertained by them.

  • I liked that there’s quite a bit of variety in the type of supernatural encounters found in this movie.

  • It’s a generally solid straightforward take on a haunted house type of scary movie. Some good scares here and there.


  • May not be ambitious enough in terms of scope for a modern horror/scary movie, that it may seem inconsequential.

  • There’s a good chunk of the movie’s runtime that is NOT dedicated to the scares, which might frustrate some people.

  • Some of the scary scenarios may not be fleshed out enough to be truly memorable.

  • Silly convenient coincidences here and there.

  • The ending might not be satisfactory enough.


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