The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


  • Continues the adventures of our favorite Lego characters from the previous movie!

  • A premise and plot that seems outrageous enough to keep your attention!

  • More random yet clever humor!

  • Pop culture references and character cameos!

  • Songs! There are new musical numbers to capture your fancy!

  • It has more thematic things to say that makes the movie worth checking out!

  • In a three act structure, the third act here is pretty darn strong!


  • Despite the laudable thematic intentions of this movie’s premise, it’s just not quite as entertaining or as fun as the previous entry.

  • Some of the clever moments of this movie, only seem like clever moments, but are really more just uninspired cleverness. It’s trying too hard at times.

  • Once again, your suspension of disbelief will be tested here.

  • There’s an unsuccessful attempt to capture the magic of “Everything Is Awesome.”


  • Those star weapons are really really cute.

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