Alita: Battle Angel


  • Alita herself is essentially the main reason to get really invested with watching through the whole movie. Witnessing how she reacts to everything that is thrown at her is part of the fun in watching this.

  • The fight scenes! There are several awesome fight sequences in this movie, and is the other driving factor in how enjoyable the whole thing is.

  • A particular one-on-one fight scene also had the most incredible conclusion to it, that I don’t think you’ve ever seen in a live-action movie. Simply amazing!

  • Sequences involving the futuristic roller derby were also a lot of fun to watch.

  • The whole plot involving Alita and Hugo is also one of the more compelling things about this movie, probably more so than the plot involving Alita and Doctor Ido.

  • I appreciated the mish-mash of many different sci-fi / action / fantasy ideas here that resembles the kind of outrageous creativity usually found in manga / anime. Hopefully people beyond the niche audience for this will also appreciate it.

  • This movie is rated PG-13, and it’s incredible how many violent things happen in it anyway.

  • As a huge fan of the manga “GUNNM” AKA “Battle Angel,” I was really happy with how this adaptation turned out. Arguably the second best Hollywood adaptation of a manga / anime property right after “Edge Of Tomorrow.”

  • I liked how this movie handled the world building. Iron City comes to life.

  • It ends in a way that made me really want to see a sequel.


  • It ends in a way that made me really want to see a sequel, and I don’t think it’s getting it.

  • I never did get used to Alita’s big giant eyes (admittedly enough, the movie implies why they are that big).

  • Alita’s CGI face itself always seemed odd throughout the movie, and it’s likely due to the uncanny valley issue.

  • The opening scenes were a bit shaky, due to too much heavy exposition sequences.

  • Some (or a lot) of the dialogue can be quite clunky.

  • There’s a lack of real development with the supporting characters, and that includes main characters played by Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, and Mahershala Ali.

  • There’s also a lot of plot that the movie is juggling here, and you’re going to have to give it some leeway in how successful it actually was in hitting the landing.


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