Happy Death Day 2U


  • Definitely made for fans of the first “Happy Death Day,” who will appreciate how this movie acknowledges the previous entry, and how it expands on the story.

  • Embraces the silly but fun premise, and goes for broke in how far they can go with it.

  • Jessica Rothe is once again incredible in the role of Tree Gelbman. The way she just throws herself completely into her character is absolutely the most entertaining thing about this film.

  • Rachel Matthews as Danielle Bouseman gets to shine a bit more here. Especially in one particular scene involving keys.

  • The big montage death sequence. Fun stuff.

  • I liked that it had a lot more heart and emotional scenes than what I would have expected.

  • I appreciated the fact that while it shares many similarities with the previous entry, the style, tone, and direction felt completely like a different movie.


  • Some people will be disappointed that this is much less a weird sci-fi horror slasher movie, and much more into the weird sci-fi thrilling fantasy aspects.

  • Because of all the different plot directions this movie goes, there are just some story beats that don’t really work as well as they should.

  • The story relies on several plot conveniences that just to move things along, which isn’t exactly a complimentary thing for me to say.

  • So much suspension of disbelief is required. Maybe a little too much?

  • Kinda loses steam before the movie reaches the final stretch, and might make you feel a little impatient and frustrated with the progress of the narrative.

  • Slightly less fresh, less funny, and less exciting than the previous film. Just slightly though.


  • If there is a third movie, what would the title be? Happy Death Day Tree? Happy Death Day 3-peat? Happy Death Day 3D?

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