Fighting With My Family


  • If you are a fan; or have ever been a fan, of Professional Wrestling, then you should check this out. This movie is made for you.

  • If you have never been a fan of Professional Wrestling, then you should still check this out. This movie is also made for you.

  • Florence Pugh is excellent in this as Saraya Knight AKA Paige, and you couldn’t help but feel invested with her story here.

  • The rest of the cast is great here, from Jack Lowden, Nick Frost, Lena Headey, plus a fantastic supporting role by Vince Vaughn, and excellent cameo scenes by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  • There’s actually a lot more drama than I original expected from this movie, but it makes the film even better for giving me that emotional pull towards this story. It still has some good funny bits though.

  • Several story threads involving Saraya and Zak, Saraya and Hutch, Saraya and the other NXT women, plus of course Saraya and her Family, are all the glue that makes this story worth checking out.

  • The themes in this movie are also quite laudable and inspirational. It’s definitely a good feel good movie.

  • There’s a blind kid who can wrestle!

  • It showcases a fascinating look into what happens behind the scenes of creating a Wrestling Superstar. Interesting stuff here. Truly makes anybody appreciate what Professional Wrestling is all about a bit more than they might have before.

  • Underdog sports stories are a dime a dozen, but this is a good one right here.


  • Despite this being based on a true story, it’s still a generally traditional underdog sports story. Which means that it can feel very predictable and cliche. Expect some familiar plot tropes, and plot conveniences.

  • There was a wonky CG interlay that is done towards the end of the movie, that even though it was very very brief, it still looked really really bad.


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