How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


  • The visual graphics and animation never looked better in this franchise than they do here.

  • Hiccups connection with Toothless; and also Astrid, are this movie’s strengths.

  • The whole thing with Toothless trying to woo the Lightfury definitely entertained me, and are probably the main highlight of this movie.

  • Concluding last acts of this movie, should be enough justification for fans to see this. They are going to want to see what happens.


  • Kinda wished the main plot was more engaging than what we got.

  • For that matter, I wished it didn’t feel like such a generic story.

  • Expect the cliche moments and predictable plot tropes.

  • On that note, the villain voiced by F. Murray Abraham; while he had his moments, also felt generally wasted in this movie.

  • I couldn’t help but think that this movie felt more like it was made out of obligation, than out of inspiration.


  • I’m not holding my breath, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another Dreamworks Dragons TV series; as they were enjoyable for what they are. Maybe a new show that continues on from where this movie ends.

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