Cold Pursuit


  • Liam Neeson fits in perfectly with this type of movie premise. It’s what you expect, and he delivers.

  • However if one actor deserves the credit for best stand-out performance here, and owns every scene he is in, it’s Tom Bateman, as Trevor “Viking” Calcotte. Now there’s a villian you’ll love to hate.

  • The whole cast is great in this too, from William Forsythe, Tom Jackson, Emmy Rossum, Julia Jones, Domenick Lombardozzi, to Benjamin Hollingsworth.

  • Director Hans Petter Moland has given us a violent revenge story that turned out to be more a dark comedy than an action thriller, and that’s a good thing.

  • The story moves along in such a way that I couldn’t help but anticipate what’s going to happen next.

  • I gotta love the non-sequiturs and offhanded dialogue, in between all the crime and death scenes.

  • There are quite a lot of awesome dark humor throughout that just livens up a movie filled with so much grim deaths, all the way until the very last shot of the movie.

  • This movie might be compared to films made by the Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino, and that’s because it deserves such a flattering compliment.


  • Those looking for the typical action revenge thriller, might be disappointed.

  • Those looking for even more violent scenes that what was shown, might be disappointed.

  • A movie filled with multiple converging storylines and a huge ensemble of characters, is bound to struggle juggling everything perfectly, and this one is no exception.

  • Expect some plot convenience and nonsensical moments.


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