Velvet Buzzsaw


  • No surprise here, but Jake Gyllenhaal once again completely throws himself into his character, and steals every scene he is in.

  • The rest of the cast is great in this as well, and it’s a fantastic set of actors. Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton, Toni Collette, Natalia Dyer, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen, plus John Malkovich. Each one of them added some nice touches to the overall story.

  • I like the premise that Writer/Director Dan Gilroy has given us here. It’s uniquely fun, weird, fascinating, and has some thrilling plot turns.

  • There’s a thematic idea that’s worth discussing about.

  • The horror aspects are also nice additions to moving the plot along.

  • I’m sure people in the art-community will get a kick out of all the satirical inside jokes that other movie goers won’t get.


  • The art-community doesn’t exactly get a glowing image by what we see in this movie.

  • There’s definitely a sense of pretentiousness and obnoxiousness with the characters, which isn’t exactly an appealing thing to sit through in the movie.

  • Sometimes the plot feels all over the place, with no real sense of proper storytelling.

  • For a movie about a visual medium, the look of this movie feels un-cinematic for some reason.

  • No matter how creative the ideas in this may seem, this somehow still feels like a throwaway movie that isn’t completely fully developed.


  • I can only imagine what this premise would be like if done with comic books or graphic novels… unless that’s already been done…

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