Miss Bala


  • First reason to bother seeing this movie for… Gina Rodriguez. She’s pretty good in this as Gloria, and absolutely carries the whole thing.

  • Second reason to see this movie. Ismael Cruz Cordova as Lino. The whole character dynamics between Gloria and Lino is one of the more interesting things about the story.

  • Third reason to check this out. The premise itself is worthy of attention. Especially considering it covers subject matters about drug and weapon smuggling, corruption, kidnapping, sex trafficking, plus other topics worth talking about.


  • Being that this is already a remake, this isn’t going to win any originality awards.

  • Despite the fact the movie tackles some tough subject matters, the overall tone feels a little “too safe” for some reason. The tension needs to feel more ramped up than where it currently is.

  • Marketed as a big action thriller movie, but it really isn’t.

  • Some typically expected plot tropes, and conveniences, only emphasizes how average this movie really is.

  • Not a big fan of the last plot resolution.


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