On The Basis Of Sex


  • Amazing performance by Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There are some good nuanced acting here that deserves some recognition.

  • High five to some of the snarky remarks that Felicity Jones got to say here, which is in spirit with the true life RBG.

  • The supporting cast were also good in this, from Armie Hammer, Cailee Spaeny, and a scenery chewing Justin Theroux.

  • Plays off as a great companion piece to the documentary “RBG,” and gives us a nice human drama about how Ruth Bader Ginsburg is as a person, outside her already legendary reputation.

  • This is still a relatively straight forward movie, with what is essentially a David vs Goliath type premise. Doesn’t mean this movie isn’t capable of keeping your attention throughout, because it does. Who doesn’t like arguments about laws and cultural change?

  • As a biographical film, it wisely focuses the main story on one of Ginsburg’s first major cases, without the need to try and cram too much into one film. Consider this like a superhero origin story for “the Notorious RBG.”


  • There are some time jumps that felt a bit abrupt, and come off as big gaps in the narrative.

  • Some might argue that the portrayal of how Women were treated back in that era was too heavy handed and over exaggerated.


  • Or maybe Women really were just treated that way back in the day.

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