• Amazing performance by Nicole Kidman as Detective Erin Bell.

  • The general supporting cast are good in it as well.

  • There’s a bit of aging and de-aging makeup work here that I thought was nice to see.

  • Just like Nicole Kidman’s character in the movie, there’s a bit of unpredictability to the plot. Kidman and the plot are the film’s best traits. There are some good scenes that highlight this fact.

  • Movie can be pretty tense, and has a general air of apprehension throughout. With that said, it has a very deliberate pace to it, that doesn’t feel like it’s in a hurry at all.

  • The movie is very downbeat, and unpleasant in many ways. Not an upper at all, which I suppose works well with what they are going for with the film.


  • The movie’s tone is maybe too downbeat. Some would say that it’s too much of a downer to watch.

  • Some might say that the movie drags a little bit, because of the tone and the pacing.

  • Too many unlikable characters?

  • Ending might be accused of being gimmicky.


  • As somebody who lives in the Southern California region, it was kinda nice having a general idea on all the areas, and the distances travelled by Detective Erin Bell.

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