Escape Room


  • It’s got a decent premise for a movie.

  • A couple of the escape rooms that the characters’ experienced in the movie did provide some fun suspense thriller moments.

  • Has some clever moments.

  • I particularly liked the whole upside down room sequence, in how it plays out and the visuals that went with it.

  • For some of the clues, I was actually able to solve them before the characters did, so that was a neat experience.


  • The thing about a premise like this that involves puzzles, is that moviegoers could feel disattached to what’s going on, because they can’t always “play along” with the game they are watching.

  • It doesn’t help when there’s only 1 or 2 characters that are actually worth caring about.

  • It doesn’t help when most of them were annoying to watch.

  • Expect some plot conveniences to move things along in uninspiring ways.

  • The more you think about the premise of the whole story, the more it just falls apart. Kinda ruins the suspension of disbelief, and the overall enjoyment of it.


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