if beale street could talk

- First off, the visuals and look of this film is absolutely beautiful, with great cinematography. It’s impossible to accuse this movie for looking drab.
- Great acting work here by Kiki Layne, Regina King, Stephan James, Colman Domingo, and the rest of the ensemble cast.
- Alternating the narrative from a flashback to present time is a great way of telling this story.
- This is a movie that talks about the strength of love, family, and perseverance. It’s undeniably heartwarming and uplifting in all the right ways.
- This is also a movie that deals with prejudice, tragedy, and injustice. It really got me angry and dismayed, which are reasonable reactions to what’s happening on screen.
- There were some scenes that were simply amazing to see play out on screen, like the sequence involving a big announcement to the family. Just wow, it made me think “This Is A Damn Good Movie.”
- Some powerful moments also involved certain lines from certain characters, that really hit me with all sorts of feelings. Not afraid to say that some of those lines put a tear in my eye.
- Barry Jenkins directs this film with a seemingly lite, gentle, and delicate touch, that almost gives each framed scene a dreamlike picturesque air to them.

- That dreamlike feeling of each scene might be perceived by some movie goers as dull, slow, boring, or just plain indulgent.
- Depending on your own personal reaction, you might feel unsatisfied with how the movie ends.

- I guess congratulations to Ed Skrein, for perfectly playing what I’m considering the most hateable movie character that I’ve seen in 2018.

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